Welcome to Downe Veterinary Clinic

Downe Veterinary Clinic was established in 1977. In that time we have treated thousands of animals large and small. We are one of the longest established Veterinary clinics in Ireland. 

About Downe Vets

We have two branches one in Downpatrick and another in Newcastle. We are proud to say we are a mixed animal clinic and we try our best to treat all animals that walk through the door.

Services we provide


For immunity it is vital for your animals to be vaccinated.

Vaccinating puppies and adult dogs teaches their immune system to recognise and defend against certain diseases they may come across which can often be fatal.

Whether your cat is indoors or outdoors cats can be at risk of catching diseases. To help prevent this, vaccinations can contribute to stimulating your feline’s immune system and encourage the production of antibodies.

For more information please ring the clinic or call in to pick up a leaflet.

Nurse Clinic

Our Nurses provide the best care possible. We offer a nurse clinic in both our Downpatrick and Newcastle branches. The Downpatrick nurse clinic is Monday-Friday 3-4pm and the Newcastle nurse clinic is every Thursday 9-5.


Pet Passports

If you are travelling outside of Northern Ireland with your dog, you are required to provide a passport. Places include England, Republic of Ireland and Europe etc.


If you would like to set up a Pet Passport please call the clinic and book an appointment or book online.

Emergency services

At Downe Vets we have an emergency out of hours which is 24/7 including the holidays. We cater to all emergencies large or small animal. If you have an emergency please give us a call : 028 44614225 or if it is Out Of Hours ring our landline and it will provide you with the contact number. 


We offer multiple different types of surgeries such as: routine surgeries (neutering, dental’s), soft tissue surgery, Orthopaedic surgeries. Within our practice we also have use of an Enseal device/Harmonic scalpal which contribute to our surgical procedures.  For queries please contact the clinic.


For poorly pets we offer many different forms of investigations such as in-house blood analysis using IDEXX machinary, urine analysis, X-rays and scanning.

If you are worried about your pet please give us a call on 028 44614225

Quality Care at Affordable Prices

Opening hours Downpatrick

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 9am-1pm


Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm